Dreams Canada Wraps team

Comprises an efficient project manager, a talented designer, and expert installers. The project manager ensures seamless operations, coordinating resources and timelines while prioritizing client satisfaction. The designer brings creativity to the forefront, crafting captivating and innovative designs that align with client preferences. The team of installers, equipped with exceptional technical skills and meticulous attention to detail, flawlessly executes car wrap installations. Through their cohesive collaboration, this team consistently delivers outstanding results, exceeding customer expectations and establishing Dreams Canada Wraps shop’s reputation for excellence…


Geff is a highly experienced and passionate car wrap installer known for his exceptional cutting abilities. With a wealth of expertise, he brings unmatched precision and attention to detail to every project. Geff’s unwavering passion for car wrapping shines through in his dedicated approach, as he consistently strives for perfection. His meticulous cutting skills allow him to navigate intricate designs and curves flawlessly, resulting in stunning and seamless car wrap installations that leave a lasting impression.


Juan, our talented designer, plays a pivotal role in creating captivating vehicle wraps that leave a lasting impression. With his keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail, Juan brings forth a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project. Collaborating closely with our clients, he delves into their brand identity, objectives, and target audience to conceptualize visually striking designs.


Camilo is an experienced project manager who excels in installation design, planning, and leading his team to ensure customer satisfaction.
With a profound understanding of the car wrap industry, Camilo efficiently oversees all aspects of the project, from initial design discussions to flawless execution. His exceptional leadership skills and attention to detail create a cohesive and motivated team, delivering exceptional work. Through his expertise, resource management, and commitment to customer happiness, Camilo consistently achieves outstanding results that leave customers delighted and fulfilled.


Paola is an outstanding car wrap installer with over seven years of experience, known for her meticulous attention to detail. With a deep understanding of various wrapping techniques, materials, and tools, she ensures flawless installations tailored to each vehicle’s unique characteristics.

Her extensive experience has also made Paola well-versed in problem-solving. In the rare instance of encountering challenges during the installation process, she remains calm and composed, finding innovative solutions to overcome any obstacles. Paola’s adaptability and resourcefulness allow her to deliver high-quality results even in complex