Headlight tinting is covering vehicle headlights with film to darken them or change their color. If you appreciate originality and love customizing every detail of your car, these are for you.

Headlight tints can completely change the look of your vehicle, with a quick and agile application. The film protects your lights from road debris, preventing scratching, chipping, and denting. Like most tints, they are highly resistant to UV rays and warm temperatures preventing the lights from yellowing, getting dirty, or wearing out.
  • Gives a sporty and spicy look to the car.
  • Maintain the lights like new and with eye-catching appearance.
  • Avoid the car lights to turn yellow or look dull and ugly within a couple of days of driving.
  • Any pre-existing scratches, cracks, or dents will become less noticeable.
  • Offer extra protection from UV rays, which cause the lights to look blurred over time.
  • Give a more refined look to set your car apart from other similar models on the road.